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How to Make Money with SEO in 2022

How to Make Money with SEO in 2022

As an entrepreneur who is always looking forward to expanding his business activities, they understand that traditional marketing means have been obsolete in this digital world. Learning and practical application of digital marketing and SEO practices are top trends. It can help them to accelerate their business operations. Here are some ways for SEO experts through which they can money-making in 2022.

Build a Blog and monetize

Once you have SEO knowledge, it’s the best option for you to start up with your blog. Making money with your blog is not challenging, yet it needs patience. Being consistent with your quality of content and providing relevant information to the clients keeps them engaged thoroughly. The traffic on your website is undoubtedly going to increase. Once it gets popular, you can make money with SEO by creating sponsored content and posting banner ads on your blog. 

With the creditability of your blog, you can earn a chance to get the opportunity for paid ads, which allow you to get paid via the number of clicks and traffic on your blog. Brands do approach for sponsored content means that you’ll educate your audience about a particular brand or service on your blog.

• Providing SEO consultancy

When you get the command of SEO, you can sell this information as a consultant. This is a great method of bringing in cash with SEO as an organization. While providing SEO consulting services, you can help other entrepreneurs to meet their business goals by increasing traffic to their website and boosting sales. 

An SEO consultant helps to show the true and fair picture of the business to clients using his technical knowledge i.e Google Analytics etc. Together they set KPI’s and effective SEO strategies to help improve their SEO ranking and increase organic traffic. 

SEO consultants also perform competitor SEO analysis and share detailed plans on how to leverage this data, whether that applies to the content strategy, backlink strategy, or particular keywords that they are using.

• Build an E-Commerce store

  • If you have adequate knowledge and experience of e-commerce SEO, you can use search engine optimization to sell physical products through an e-commerce website. Choose your niche and finalize the product or service you want to sell. It is recommendable to do keyword and audience research to understand which keywords your customers are using to find this particular product.
  • Benefits of setting up an E-Commerce store:
  • Having control of your business
  • Accelerating your revenue
  • Brand awareness on a national and international level


• Freelancing expert on different marketplace

These days multiple freelancers are working on marketplaces such as Upwork, guru, fiver, and others. This is one of the best ways to make money using your SEO expertise. Many SEO experts are using his opportunity for presenting their services. It gives you quite a good chance to apply and earn experience. The best part is that the time is flexible, which can be an extra source of income.

• SEO content writing

Searching SEO writing jobs, through SEO and content marketing agencies or by approaching different firms. But the tricky part about advertising yourself as an SEO writer is that you need to have extensive knowledge about the topic. Only then you can provide authentic information in your blog.

The key is to be expert enough to advertise as a niche writer with advanced experience in SEO.

• Selling SEO course

Once you are experienced with SEO, selling SEO services is also a great way to generate monthly income. People are always looking forward to get their websites ranked higher on Google, and you can educate them with your services as an expert in search engine optimization that will help them achieve their goal. You can promote your services by putting up about the courses you offer and the cost of it. Social media handles Facebook, Instagram etc are great ways to create awareness about your service. As the demand has increased over time, when people get to know more about your services, they will surely contact you to seek help.

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