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SEO and PPC management are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of making content on your website more accessible to search engines by changing its code so it can be found better.

PPC (pay per click) marketing is a way to advertise your business in places like Facebook or Google AdWords for a fixed cost. This blog post will learn how SEO and PPC management work and how they can increase traffic to your website and help generate more conversions!

SEO and PPC management

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How to Increase Traffic and Conversions with SEO & PPC Management?

With SEO, we are looking to maximize the chances of your page being found on Google Search by making sure it is using keywords people would be searching for. For example, if you own Marketing Services in New York City called and someone searches for “Marketing Services near me,” they should see your website when looking at the search results. This is SEO, and it can be very effective for businesses that get a lot of organic (non-paid) traffic from Google Search.

With PPC management, you are looking to lower your cost per click on AdWords so that when someone clicks on your ad after searching for something relevant like “Marketing Services near me, “you pay less than if they clicked on another company’s ad, which was bidding higher or targeting different keywords. For example, let’s say Best Marketing Services near me in New York City, and my ads were showing up first whenever people searched for Marketing Services near me through Google Search. Still, I see this competitor called Best Marketing Services near me with an awesome logo show up. I go to their website, and it looks great, but my ad was cheaper. So, what happens is that they outbid me (paying more than me) for the keyword “Marketing Services,” so now people see them first when searching for Marketing Services near me. This is PPC management and can be effective if you are getting much traffic from AdWords ads and organic through Google Search.  

Why do we love working with SEO professionals?

 SEO services are beneficial in improving your SEO ranking on Google Search, which means more visitors to your site who may become customers. Also, help manage your PPC campaigns by bidding lower or managing bids so that you’d end up paying too much for clicks. SEO services are great for any business that gets traffic from organic Google Search results and not enough PPC ads on AdWords.

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