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Pay Per Click Strategy for 2022

What is PPC?

pay per click strategy for 2022

Pay per click is a form of digital advertising in which the marketer designs a marketing campaign where he has to pay a certain amount of fixed money as soon as the users click on the advertisement. It is a way to target only potential customers. Moreover, it helps to drive traffic to the website.

Marketers usually bid on relevant keywords and ads displayed in search results, or they pay for ads to appear in user feeds, videos, web pages. In other words, you can also say that in this advertising strategy, the advertisers buy each customer and drive the traffic towards the website. PPC allows the marketers to bid for the places in a search engine or keywords the customers are searching for in using google ads. It usually offers quick and reliable results. It helps businesses gain greater visibility on search engines like Google, Linkedin, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, etc. Moreover, PPC visitors are much more likely to convert to clients.

Types of PPC

Social Media Advertising (Paid)

Paid Social Media advertisements are often run on different social media platforms to create brand awareness among the target audience and engage a new audience. These advertisement campaigns are expected to achieve the goals, and ROI is calculated later on based on the campaign’s performance. Behind running a movement, a particular plan and KPI’s are set.

• Display Advertising

Display advertisement includes the spaces the website and search engine offer the advertise the marketer their product. The marketers usually bid on these spaces.

• Retargeting PPC

Usually, you visit a website and the page and leave without performing any action (conversion). Have you seen the advertisement for that particular web page again? That is what we call retargeting PPC.

• Google search ads

Whenever you search for a product in the search engine, it usually shows in the top websites marked with Ad. This symbolizes the advertisement is paid, the result of the produced advertisement campaign.

• Shopping ads

Shopping ads are advertisements that can be created with the help of a shopping campaign. It represents the product’s picture, price, and description for the buyer. Shopping campaigns use product groups to select which products the advertisers want to bid on the drive.

• Gmail Sponsor Promotion

Gmail sponsor promotion looks like a regular email, but the advertisement is displayed when the email is opened. This opens the extensive ad, which consists of HTML that can feature images, text, links, a form field, embedded videos, and click-to-call phone numbers. The marketer is charged when the client clicks on the advertisement.

• Video Content

Large business has also started advertising their video content. It is predicted that video content will be more effective in the current and upcoming years. The paid video advertisement helps create more awareness among the audience about your brand.

Effective PPC strategy for 2022

Since digital marketing is trending these days, every business is incorporating these tactics to maximize profit. Here are some effective PPC strategies which should be kept in mind while planning your next PPC strategy for 2022.

• Advertise on different platforms

The marketer needs to choose different target platforms to advertise their products, from where the potential customers can be drawn, and more conversion can be made. For this, advertisers can pick and choose between the social platform and google. It is beneficial to switch between the platforms to target a different audience.

• User-friendly landing page

The landing page of the website must be user-friendly on mobile and desktop. After redirecting the client through paid advertisement, a complicated website can annoy them and return the potential client.

• Compelling Ad copies

The post or advertisement on which the advertiser is bidding should be attractive in ad copy and creative graphics.

• Using long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords work best when it comes to search intent. Moreover, a large volume of traffic is generated from these PPC ads, which tends for a higher chance of conversions.

• Content is KING

The content of the PPC campaign should be KING. Ad needs to be eye-catching for a user even to consider clicking on the ad. The content also needs to be bang-on. The scope requires adding value to the advertisement

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• Bidding

Bidding is a technical concept, and it is learned over time. It is essential to understand how manual bidding works. You need to keep an eye on the campaign and make changes according to the requirement.

• Retargeting campaigns

Retargeting campaigns focus on the users who have visited certain pages of your website or app with display ads. It is to retarget the potential customers who have shown interest in your product or service offered. This is campaign is a kind of reminder for the customer and can help to generate a potential client.

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