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How to Improve Blog Conversion Rates – Simple and Effective

How to Improve Blog Conversion Rates - Simple and Effective

Blogs play an important role in your business and can generate a lot of traffic to your website. But writing a blog post and keeping your audience engaged is not an easy task. It is important to provide and write content that is informational and interesting for users.


Moreover, the content needs to be SEO-optimized so you can compete with other websites and rank on top of the Google pages. Moreover, you can also improve your conversion rate with blogs by appealing to the audience towards your products and services. But for that, you need to know about some tips and tricks that can help you improve your conversion rate and turn your readers into paying customers.


Below are some of the key aspects of improving the conversion rate with blogs. Following the tips can increase your conversion rate. So, let’s get started.

1. Know your Audience

The first thing you need to keep in mind is your audience. Every business attracts different kinds of audiences, so we should keep our targeted audience in mind. Knowing your targeted audience will help you generate better and more useful content.

Writing a blog is something that your audience likes and enjoys reading. If you lack the aspects they are looking for in the blog, your website visitors will not stay for long. So, start with understanding your audience’s needs. Do some research and narrow down the topics.

2. Create Catchy Titles

Titles are the most important factor about your blog. A recent study estimated that 80% of the readers could not make it past the headlines. That means ten people will read your title, and only two will click on it and read your blog.

Do you know the reason why? Because the titles are not catchy and attractive enough that the reader gets curious and opens the blog. It is important to have a catchy and attractive title and a meta description so that your blog appears attractive and worth opening on search engines.

Use specific and appealing words while creating a title. Make some promises. Most of us are intrigued with “Lose 10 pounds in a week” because it is making a promise that we all know is hard to fulfill.

3. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Mobile phones are a blessing, and now we can do almost everything on them. Most of the website visitors that will read your blog will be on their mobile phones, and if your website design is not mobile-friendly, then there is a big problem.

No matter how much engaging content you add, it is useless if it is not readable on different devices. Using different tools like Google Mobile Testing Tool, you can check if your website is mobile-friendly. Make your website designs attractive for mobile users so they enjoy reading your blogs and would like to visit your website again.

4. Add Images and Videos

Can you imagine being interested in a website or a blog that only has text and nothing else? It seems boring, isn’t it? And it will be boring for your users as well. Without adding some color to your blog, it is quite hard for a reader to stay interested for a long time and enjoy your blog.

On the other hand, adding relevant images and informative videos will look good on the page and keep the user interested. Because the first thing readers might notice is the images you have added to your blog and website. So make sure to use good quality HD and relevant images in your blogs.

5. Add Links to Relevant Content

When you choose a certain title for the blog, you try to cover the maximum and the most important factors related to that topic. But still, a lot can be left because it is impossible to cover everything in one blog. But an easy solution is adding links to the relevant content in your blog.


Imagine how amazing it will be for users to get answers to their next question already in the blog. This will also help readers gain more knowledge about the topic. And this is what the main purpose of the blog is. Right? So, add some relevant links to your content, and provide the source if you have added some statistics to make your content more meaningful.

6. Add CTA to the Right Places

Call to Action buttons will catch many fishes when you place them correctly. A call to action button for your product or service will help readers easily access your services and products, and they are more likely to explore them.


Call to Action buttons can be placed anywhere in your blog, but what is the point if your readers can not see them easily. Adding CTA on the top of the page, as a slider, or at the bottom of your blog are some of the best places where your readers can not miss it.


7. Invest in Remarketing and Retargeting

It is easier to target and attract the existing customers than the new audience. Some users have already visited your websites and might add some products to their shopping cart but have not confirmed a purchase yet. Retargeting those users can result in an actual transaction, which will help your business in the best ways.


A recent study shows that retargeting your customers can reduce cart abandonment by 6.5%. If you want to make sure that the customers make a confirmed purchase from your website, you need to focus on retargeting.


Many companies like Nike, Adidas, etc., spend a lot of money on remarketing and retargeting to make some long-term users for their business. You can also hire a digital marketing agency to help you create ads and target your audience on social media platforms.

8. Capture Emails with Lead Magnets

Do you want some new subscribers for your blogs? Are you having a hard time promoting your business to the audience? Well, you might have heard about email marketing. We understand that email marketing is one of the oldest ways of digital marketing, but it is still very effective to date.

Creating a catchy CTA or a pop-up ad and giving some amazing offers to your subscribers or readers will help you get some potential clients for your business.

“47% of the shoppers would sacrifice their privacy for a better deal.”


You can get the blog reader’s email address and send them the latest blog links and exciting offers directly to their mailing addresses. This will help you connect with your users and audience directly and tell them about your business.


Improving your conversion rate can be efficient if you spend your time and money in the right way. And blogs can be a great way to help you increase your conversion rate. But your blog must be interesting, accurate, and catchy enough to drive traffic and turn them into customers. The tricks mentioned above are a holy grail for improving conversion rates, and once you try them, don’t forget to thank us when the numbers start increasing.


How to Improve Blog Conversion Rates - Simple and Effective


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