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How Email Marketing can Boost your Outputs

Email marketing has been an old digital means of communication, but it is still trending. In recent years, this means has been now dynamic.

What is E-MAIL Marketing

What is E-MAIL Marketing?

Email marketing is the form of digital marketing in which emails are used to promote products or services, creating a relationship with potential customers or clients. With the increase in the E-commerce business, email marketing has accelerated. These emails include newsletter subscriptions and the latest updates on websites, blogs, or social media platforms. In addition, retargeting PPC campaigns are also part of this email marketing. i.e, If the buyer leaves the website without completing the conversion action, an email as the notification is sent to remind the incomplete activity of the buyer.


Types Of Emails:

• Newsletter emails

Email newsletters are the emails that keep you updated with current news, tips, and current situation.

• Lead nurturing emails

A lead nurturing email campaign is automated, yet marketers use a personalized email campaign to take users on a journey that encourages the buyer to purchase the product or service offered.

· Promotional emails

A promotional email usually offers promotions to boost sales and revenue for a business. This kind of email is most common.

• Milestone emails

Milestone emails are circulated on events like

  • Subscriber’s birthday
  • Company’s milestone
  • Product anniversary

Email marketing is a versatile medium for medium and large-scale businesses, it allows you to stay in touch with both current and potential customers. It helps to keep loyal customers updated and generate new leads. Moreover, it is a cost-effective medium generating high returns on investment ROI.

What is inbound and outbound emails marketing

• Inbound Email Marketing

Inbound email marketing campaigns track the customer’s buying behavior. Plans content for each phase of the buyer’s journey. Constantly attract and engage new clients after creating brand awareness through the blog, SEM, and social media. The second step is to provide the option to the client whether the potential client is eager to subscribe to the email marketing. This is how an email list is created and sending emails becomes part of the marketing strategy. These regular Inbound emails keep updating the interested buyers with chances to boost their sales. The click-through rate CTR is charged to the marketer as soon as the client opens the email. The cost of inbound email is relative to higher ROI. According to the subject line, the call to action is mentioned in these emails. As the clients are already aware of the brand, there are chances to retain the clients.

• Outbound Email Marketing

Outbound Email Marketing is its kind of marketing tool. An email marketing channel targets the audience who is not aware of the brand. The company gets the list from a cold call and targets a new audience. Hence these lies in the cold email category. The purpose behind this tactic is to interact with as many people as possible, regardless of expressed interest. Although outbound email tactics large audiences in a shorter period, they lead to more unsubscribes as the reader isn’t interested. Outbound emails are unsolicited emails. It is essential to keep in mind that access to these email campaigns is on mobile devices. The audience unsubscribes for something they are not interested in rather than something they have shown interest in. Hence, the cost is high, and the ROI of Outbound email marketing is relatively low.


Inbound Emails targets potential customers. It helps to maintain the relationship and customer loyalty. In comparison, outbound email marketing targets to grab the interest of a new target audience.

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