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Facebook is one of the finest platforms among Instagram, google & YouTube (depending on niche) from where you get the maximum leads but before getting leads have you ever think

  • Why someone purchase your product?
  • What’s your brand image in customer mind?
  • Why someone switch to you?
  • What’s the difference?
  • What is the USP?
  • Are you conveying the exact message?

These are some ad results which we placed on behalf of our clients. Some are post engagement ads, some are video thru play, messages conversions and website purchase. Some of the ads are based on warm and some are based on cold audience and you can clearly see the results in the screen shots below. But it is a clear fact that every niche is different from other. Ad results are based on the page quality, content, budget, niche and mainly the strategy which you are using. After all these you will definitely get the finest results.



*Due to privacy policy, we cannot show our clients name*

Client 1:

campaign results

Link Clicks:

  • Results: 1497
  • Reach: 48,047
  • Impressions: 104,345
  • CPR: $0.28

Thru Play:

  • Results: 125,064
  • Reach: 230,508
  • Impressions: 376,708
  • CPR: $0.01

Client 2:

campaign results

Message Conversion ad:

  • Daily Budget: $10
  • Conversions: 37

Client 3:

campaign results

Video Play ad:

  • Thru play: 806
  • Reach: 1372
  • CPR: $0.01


Client 4:

campaign results

Website conversions:

  • CPR: $17
  • Website ad to cart: 22,753
  • CPC: $0.31
  • Website purchase: 620 items
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